Oakland SWAT calls off search for armed suspects


About 2 a.m. some officers were chasing the suspects on foot and saw them running into a neighborhood, but then officers decided to retreat.

"A couple of our officers picked up the vehicle nearby, a short chase ensued and then the vehicle ended up colliding on the 2400 block of High Street and the suspects fled into the yards. A large perimeter was set up. It was decided because they were armed, we didn't find any guns in the car, so we decided that they are still armed and we didn't have any air support so we decided to call out the SWAT team and let them do what they do best," said Oakland Police Sgt. Robert Supriano.

The SWAT team arrived around 4:30 a.m.

The original crime that started the search was a carjacking on Rosedale Avenue about 1:30 a.m. where the men pistol-whipped the driver and stole the car. Police spotted the car about 15 minutes later and pursued it.

Residents were being asked to stay inside while the search was being conducted. The neighborhood borders on High Street, Santa Rita, Brookdale and Frances.

Police found some clothing in the area and they are looking to see if it belongs to one of the suspects.

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