Tony Blair speaks at Stanford about Africa


He spoke about his Africa Governance Initiative and outlined how he plans to help the people of Africa. He gave a speech entitled "A New Approach for a New Africa," at the Cemex Auditorium at the Graduate School of Business.

Before the speech started at 5:30 p.m., there were protesters outside the auditorium with signs saying Blair should be arrested because he is a war criminal who helped create the lies that helped the U.S. go into Iraq. They were also upset with his involvement in Africa, but during his speech earlier he said it's not about taking control of the people of Africa.

"The topic of this discussion is quite a white man's imperial, paternalistic approach to Africa. Tony Blair is involved with land grabs in Africa which are where companies buy out and steal, pretty much, from local farmers," said Josh Schott, a protester.

"They shouldn't replicate or try to replicate our system. Actually, they should leapfrog many of the constraints and limitations, which the legacy of our systems have created," said Blair.

The protesters left just before everyone entered the building for the speech.

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