Woman's bike ride raises awareness about breast cancer


"I felt like everyone was with me riding along; it was really great, I never felt alone once on this trip," Nicole Nada said.

Nicole Nada took pictures and video of her journey which began up north in Humboldt County, where she lives. Her husband, two kids and a dog followed her in a van towards the Bay Area. Along the way she met cancer survivors and supporters.

"Meeting the survivors is great because people say, 'Oh yeah, my grandmother had cancer and she's 80 now or I'm 10 years out,' these are the stories I love to hear," Nada said.

Nada underwent a mastectomy to remove the tumor. Doctors at the Marin Cancer Institute in Greenbrae also recommended chemotherapy.

"The chemotherapy will target rapidly dividing cells, which cancer cells are, and that should take care of it," Nada said.

After riding more than 300 miles, she arrived at her mother's house in San Anselmo. From there it was a short ride to her first chemo appointment.

During the seven day trip, she was able to raise $5,000 for Marin General Hospital's Center for Integrative Health and Wellness -- a place that offers message therapy, acupuncture and counseling for cancer patients.

"All those things, plus exercise, which of course she's done, actually reduce the chance of recurrence even further," Dr. David Gullion said.

Nada's chemo treatments will continue through November.

"I have these two beautiful children; I just have to have this positive attitude of do the chemo, do the radiation and of course, I am going to make it," Nada said.

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