Turning loved one's ashes into diamond popular in Hong Kong

Some people in Hong Kong are taking loved one's ashes and turning them into a "remembrance diamond".

May 23, 2012 8:02:49 PM PDT
This is taking cremation to a new level and it's becoming popular in Hong Kong, where burial is expensive due to the lack of land.

A company called Algordanza will transform the ashes of someone who has passed into what are called a "remembrance diamond".

Eva Wu received her families blessing to do it after her 17-year-old son passed away from cancer last year.

"They thought, if this is a way that can make me happy and comfortable, just go ahead. I feel peace. I feel he's near me," said Wu.

The company sends ashes to a lab where the carbon is filtered to more than 99 percent purity, and then exposed to volcanic heat and pressure. In about nine hours, a quarter-carat diamond comes out and it costs about $3,000, but that is cheaper than most burial plots.

Algordanza has an American outlet based in Houston, but so far the service has yet to catch on, like it has in Hong Kong.