Boy rescued from China Beach cliff


Hundreds of boats will be on the bay for the Memorial Day weekend and the Coast Guard will be out in force to make sure everyone on the bay is safe. They're also asking people who will be near the water to avoid repeating Friday's frightening incidents.

Cliff rescues are becoming too common in the Bay Area. At about 1:30 p.m. firefighters were called to 300 Seacliff Avenue, in San Francisco. A 13-year-old boy found himself in trouble when he was hiking along with his friend tried to climb the cliff's face.

"They both started to climb the cliff, the one that got stuck got further up than the other. The other one saw the he saw that he was stuck so he went back down and called 911 and got us to respond," said San Francisco Batt. Chief Samuel Romero.

Both boys are fine. Both were checked out at a local hospital.

Also on Friday, Coast Guard swimmers had to rescue a teen out of the bay near the San Francisco Yacht Club on East Beach. Witness Mort Beebe saw the teen splashing and says the next thing he knew a Coast Guard helicopter was hovering over head and soon the teen was brought ashore.

"They got him immediately down and he looked a little dazed and nothing was happening he just looked like he was on his side and chilled," said Beebe.

That young man was also taken to the hospital for evaluation and is in stable condition.

These two incidents show the need for some common sense and water safety this Memorial Day weekend, according to the Coast Guard.

"We anticipate they'll be a lot of people on the water. We also have a scheduled tow of the USS Iowa," said Coast Guard LCDR DesaRae Janszen.

The Battleship Iowa will go to its new home in Southern California and will attract many boaters on its way out. The fireworks scheduled for the 75th anniversary of the Golden Gate Bridge will also bring out a lot of people on boats. Britt Adler and Chris Smutley will be on the water this weekend and doing exactly what the Coast Guard suggests.

"We'll make sure everybody has a life vest. We have a radio, flares, horn and make sure the boat is in good condition," said Smutley.

The Coast Guard wants all the boats on the water this weekend to be seaworthy. And they're asking boaters not to drink and boat.

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