Golden Gate Bridge a frequent star in movies


The bridge has played a role in many classic films.

Kim Novak jumps into the water, to be rescued by James Stewart in "Vertigo."

In "Dirty Harry," a bus filled with hostages crosses the bridge on the way to the ultimate showdown with Clint Eastwood in Larkspur.

In 1947, Lauren Bacall hides Humphrey Bogart in her car driving across the bridge in the film noir classic "Dark Passage."

The bridge has also been the setting for plenty of action.

James Bond hangs from an airship above the bridge in "A View to a Kill."

It plays a supporting role in the greatest car chase ever filmed in "Bullitt."

In "X-Men: The Last Stand," they undo all of the work from the 1930s and connect the bridge to Alcatraz.

You have to love the animated take in "Monsters vs Aliens," where the bridge provides fiber for the diet.

But everyone's favorite has to be "It Came From Beneath the Sea," where the sea monster engulfs a tower and then heads to the Embarcadero.

Whether you film it from above or below, the bridge just doesn't have a bad angle.

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