New details about body discovered in trash can


The body was found not far off Dublin Canyon Road late Thursday morning by a resident in the area. It was just off the road, inside a plastic 45 gallon trash can in a grove of trees.

Late Friday, investigators released some details from the morning's autopsy they hope lead to an identification. The body is described as that of a female with dark hair. She was dressed in pajama bottoms, an Old Navy t-shirt and her fingernails were painted blue.

Given all the attention this week to the case of missing Morgan Hill teenager Sierra LaMar, there was some thought the body might be her, but investigators do not think so at this point.

"Our investigators were present during the autopsy and the investigators believe based on physical characteristics that this is not likely Sierra LaMar," Pleasanton Police Lt. Jeff Bretzing said.

The area where the trash can was found is on a very busy roadway. Police aren't certain how long the can was out there, but do say there was some decomposition to the body, so it has been at least some time.

Anyone who might have information about the case is asked to contact Pleasanton police.

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