Bullied student's mom wants district to take action


Now, the parents of the girl who was beaten want the school district to take action. The student's mom is so upset she met Tuesday afternoon with someone from the Solano County district attorney's office asking them to crack down on this kind of bullying.

The video, taken by another student, shows 11-year-old Annisia Williams, a 6th grader, being punched multiple times by an 8th grader. She was also dragged and her hair was pulled while other students from Hogan Middle School watched and did nothing. Annisia says she didn't even know the student who attacked her. "All I remember is like me, doing my hair, and then I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned around and I'm being punched," she recalled.

The incident happened last month at the school. Annisia's face was swollen and her mother, Ledonna Williams, says her daughter suffered some memory loss. Williams says it's hard for her to watch the video. "Let's just say, imagine it being your child," she said.

The Vallejo City Unified School District confirmed that the girl who attacked Annisia was suspended and reprimanded. Still, the 11-year-old says she doesn't feel safe returning to school. "Somebody could probably try to beat me up again," she said. "The principal finally said, 'We can't know everything that's going on at all times with these kids. We're not expected to,' and I said, 'Yes you are,'" Ledonna told ABC7 News.

No one from the district wanted to comment on this story, but the director of partnerships and community engagement for the district said, "Positive behavior measures have been implemented. The problem has been resolved and no further action will be taken."

But Williams says she does not feel like the issue has been resolved. She has posted the video on the Change.org website to bring awareness to the problem of bullying in schools. "I realize that even though this happened to my daughter, this is happening in schools throughout the nation," she told ABC7 News. She says she would like to see bullies arrested after an attack and says that parents of bullies should be identified.

The Solano County district attorney's office did not return phone calls from ABC7 News.

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