All clear given in Fremont hazmat situation


At 1:30 a.m., authorities responded to an initial call of a suicide attempt at Archstone Apartments. A man found his wife unresponsive in a car in a garage; she left a note that the container in her car was full of poisonous gas. A shelter in place was briefly ordered until crews discovered the substance was hydrogen sulfite.

"It can be concocted from household objects and it's highly toxic in a confined area like a closed car. Once it's released from that confined area, it apparently dissipates quickly and becomes inert. They are currently blowing out the garage with fans. We get kind of a rotten egg odor, but it's harmless and we will have the road open and the apartment complex open within the hour," said Fremont police spokesman Bill Veteran.

There are some businesses on the first floor of the apartment complex that should be able to open this morning. The garage could be closed throughout the afternoon as police investigate.

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