More students may face suspension for senior prank


Another round of suspensions is expected now that the administration has obtained some group photos of the students involved, allowing them to identify more of the participants.

The suspensions are related to a senior prank that involved about 80 students. The students came to campus last Thursday and spread washable paint on the ground. A small group also chained a lamb in the campus quad.

So far, about 50 have received suspensions. A Martinez judge upheld the suspensions Tuesday, but there's another hearing set for next week.

Many of the seniors have already missed several finals and it will be up to their teachers to decide if they'll be allowed to make those up. The district did allow some seniors to return and take their remaining tests Wednesday.

Some students say their scholarships and college acceptance are in jeopardy.

Zach Szopinski, a suspended student, said, "I'm still not allowed to take my first two finals unless the teachers let me. It could hurt me in the future because my grade point average will go down if I don't take those finals and so it would be harder to get into colleges."

Eric Volta, superintendent of Liberty Union High School District, said, "It is possible that their grades may be jeopardized but whether or not it's a college scholarship or college entrance or even graduation, I don't know that to be true."

The district is defending its position in part because it says the seniors all received a warning in writing on the school website. The website says: "Students that participate in 'senior pranks' that are harmful or destructive are liable for damages and will not participate in the commencement exercises."

The warning says nothing about being suspended or missing final exams as possible consequences.

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