San Mateo Co. targets suspected gang members


The task foce includes officers from every police force in the county.

On one sweep, police checked an apartment, looking for a juvenile who violated probation. He's wasn't here, but his friend startled officers by saying he had a knife. He said he was "playing around" but officers were not amused by the joke. But they released him with an admonition.

There was also plenty of action at another stop. Police checked the tattoos of suspected gang members to see what group they belonged to. And there were lots of lectures to juveniles at risk.

There were numerous traffic stops on suspicious cars with vehicle violations and one turned out to be the big arrest of the night. Police found a treasure trove of drugs in the car. The crack was in baggies, ready to sell, as well as meth, ecstasy, heroin, syringes and lots of cash.

But the tone of the stop changed when police discovered a switchblade and then a hidden dagger on the female suspect.

Police also discovered a young runaway in the car.

This was the first of a 16 week summer deployment.

The task force has been successful at minimizing violence even as gang membership grows.

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