Frameline Festival: Informative, edgy and all-inclusive


Executive director K.C. Price is the man leading the festival, the largest LGBT film festival in the world, featuring more than 217 films from 30 different countries. The theme this year is "Find your story." It's programming he describes as informative, edgy and all-inclusive.

"We have a total of 104 programs over the course of 11 days," said Price.

One of the most buzzed about is a documentary called "Love Free or Die." It's the story of Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop fighting for LGBT rights. "Having that whole theatre watching this gorgeous story about this very brave man, and having him be there, it's going to be a very special moment."

There are racier films and films that are aimed at highlighting the struggles of the LGBT community, but Price says it's also about San Francisco, home to a festival that couldn't produce the same chemistry anywhere else.

"To share a Frameline film during our festival with our audience at the Castro Theatre is just a unique event," said Price.

A slumping economy has meant that Frameline -- the non-profit that produces the festival -- has had to work harder to secure donors and volunteers. But Price says streamlining the organization and asking everyone to work a little harder has pulled everything together without a hitch.

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