SFPD go undercover as Dodgers fans


This is the Dodgers' first visit to San Francisco this year and police want to make sure there is no trouble at the ball park so they are taking a creative approach as they go undercover to weed out trouble makers.

Dodgers fans won't be the only ones wearing Dodger blue at Monday's game at AT&T Park; undercover San Francisco police officers will also be sporting Los Angeles jerseys.

"Out of respect for the sports rivalry, we want to make sure that there isn't anyone out there intent on doing harm," Mayor Ed Lee said.

Monday's game comes 15 months after Giants fan Bryan Stow was nearly beaten to death in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium after a game there. Stow and his friends wore their Giants garb to the game.

This time, San Francisco police wants to find out what it is like to be a Dodgers fan in what will be a sea of orange and black at AT&T Park.

"To all the Giants fans, have a great time, be the class fans that you are, treat our rival fans right," San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr said.

Some Giants fans say they will not mind having just a few more blue and white shirts in the stands.

"Just to keep everybody safe, because they get pretty bad, to keep kids like me safe," Robbie Hovey said.

"I think it makes fans feel better, feel a little safer that they're going to extra effort to keep all the fans safe," Rob Hovey said.

Gerald Sullivan is celebrating his 80th birthday with 10 family members, proudly wearing his favorite Brooklyn Dodgers gear.

"We have a family of 10, four grandchildren and you always have a little concern for people that are just not here to watch a good game; they're here for activity and whatever nonsense goes with that," Sullivan said.

Sullivan says he would never think twice about wearing Dodger blue.

"No, never; I'll die with the Dodger blue," he said.

Suhr says there would be zero tolerance for trouble, regardless of team colors.

Police said there were 40 fan ejections and no arrests. One police officer said it was a pretty calm night for a Giants-Dodger game.

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