Man may have fallen into Bay after Giants game


It's a tragic ending to a game that ended with a great victory by the San Francisco Giants. Family members were present as divers went into the water Tuesday morning after an all-night search. In the darkness, a helicopter hovered above the bay with search lights while Coast Guard, police and fire personnel looked below trying to locate the 27-year-old man.

It all started around 11 p.m. Two baseball fans were parked in their car near the pier. One of them was on his cell phone when the other got out of the car, walked out on the pier, and simply disappeared. When he never came back, his friend called 9-1-1, initiating a search.

It was presumed that he fell into the water. "The challenges are many. If the current is running fast, then he could've been pulled out quite a ways. When it's dark, it's very difficult to locate anybody," San Francisco Fire Department Lt. Mindy Talmadge told ABC7 News. "Now that they're going in the water, they may be able to get a better idea of if he could've gotten snagged on something."

The victim, from Sacramento, is described as a 27-year-old Hispanic male wearing a blue jacket, blue jeans, and a white shirt. So far, crews are searching from the Bay Bridge to Alcatraz but have found nothing so far.

Authorities said Tuesday morning that the search was now being called a recovery.

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