Fourth of July fireworks return to Redwood City


Since 2009, in Redwood City, the Fourth of July has brought the sound of silence. When the price tag reached more than $70,000, the city had to pull the plug as economic times got tough. That's when people who live there and businesses stepped in.

"It really wasn't possible with the economic situation the last few years but right now, we really saw our community come together, our businesses come together, and create the opportunity to do these fireworks," said Redwood City Public Communications Manager Malcolm Smith. "So now, we have about a dozen businesses who chipped in, became sponsors."

Sims Metal Management in the port led the effort to get fireworks money. So Wednesday afternoon , Devestation Pyortechnics of San Francisco will haul a barge out to the port for a fireworks show they're calling "spectacular," 20 minutes of visuals that people can see anywhere in the city.

"To me, it means the spirit's back in Redwood City because we are one of the prime visitation spots for the parades and the fireworks, and have been for a very very long time. So, it means the community's rallied together to make it come back," Redwood City businesswoman Regina Van Brunt told ABC7 News.

At Courthouse Square, there will be a big party and a carnival nearby. That will follow the big parade Wednesday morning. That celebration of Americana is back and maybe it signals a new way of doing business. "We're certainly engaging the community and our business community in helping the city to accomplish a lot of things that we need to do, that we can't necessarily get done without their help," Smith said.

They raised $50,000 for the fireworks and it seems volunteerism was really the key. Wednesday morning's parade starts at 10 a.m. and massive crowds are expected to turn out. Perhaps it all means that patriotism and celebration have no boundaries.

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