Teen wins fight with magazine over airbrushing models


Julia Bluhm started an online petition back in April after being fed up with fad diets and the extreme Photo-shopping of young models. She asked the popular teen magazine to show just one airbrushed photo spread a month. In two weeks, Julia had more than 25,000 signatures. That number has grown to 85,000.

The teen says she was concerned because some of her friends were developing eating disorders and serious body image issues. "If we make ourselves heard about how important Photoshop is and how much of an effect it has on girls, they'll become more aware. Seventeen did that," she said.

In its new issue, the magazine's editor-in-chief promised several changes and created a "Body Peace Treaty." Some of those changes include never changing a girls' body or face shapes, featuring real girls and models who are healthy, and being totally up front about what goes into their photo shoots.

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