South Bay couple unhappy about sagging sofa

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The name of this company is ACO Furniture in Santa Clara and it offered a quick fix, but that fix took longer than the couple found acceptable, so they called 7 On Your Side.

"Right here, this is where it's sagging, right here," said Ted Santos of San Jose as he showed us photos of what he felt was wrong with his new sofa.

His wife, Rachel Santos, compared their new couch to a 5-year-old one in the family room.

"This is a solid back and it's remained just like we got it," said Rachel.

That was the same sort of durability they expected from their new sofa.

"When we looked at it at the store, it wasn't sagging. It was all fluffed up," said Ted.

The couple purchased the sofa from ACO Furniture in Santa Clara. They complained about their problem to customer service. ACO quickly offered to get more fiber material from the manufacturer to firm up the pillows. The solution couldn't come soon enough for the couple.

"He always kept saying, 'This couch is not comfortable. My feet are way out there' and he just kept complaining about that," said Rachel.

But months passed, and the promised fiber did not arrive.

"Certain model has special fiber that goes into it. Some are softer, some are firmer. So it does take a little bit of time for us to get the right kind of material that was originally purchased," said Jon Tran, the manager of ACO Furniture.

But after four months, Ted's patience had run out.

"I sent an email to the owner and said, 'If this was not resolved by the end of the week, that I was going to take and seek other alternatives,'" said Ted.

Ted contacted 7 On Your Side and we contacted ACO and it jumped into action.

"He bought a very expensive sectional and it's not comfortable. We need to resolve this issue right away," said Tran.

"And they phoned us and my wife talked to them and it was on a Friday, and they said they would be out to pick it up and that they would return it on Tuesday," said Ted.

ACO decided it would just replace the Santos' couch with a brand new one it had in stock.

"So we give him the new fiber, new foam seating. We did a little extra for him because he waited so long for it,'" said Tran.

"If we have any problems in the future, we definitely know that if it's something that you can help us with, you will," said Ted.

We're glad to help. If you have a consumer issue you can't get resolved, let me know about it by contacting us here.

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