7 On Your Side helps woman get paycheck

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Savannah Jensen worked at the Hollister store in San Jose's Oakridge Mall last summer. She never picked up her final check, but Hollister was nice enough to send it to her home, and that's where the problem began.

"It is expired; it was void after 180 days," Jensen said.

The problem? The check was dated August 19, 2001, but wasn't post marked until April 3, 2012, well past 180 days.

Jensen figured she would get the check reissued, but what seemed like an easy task turned into an insurmountable challenge.

"We left them five voice messages to their payroll, theft and fraud, anyone we could get a hold of we left a message," she said.

The Hollister people are not easy to get a hold of. The public relations department doesn't take calls from the media.

But eventually 7 On Your Side made contact and Jensen got a new check.

"I could have done without it, but it is the principal; it is my $100 that I worked for," Jensen said.

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