800-pound woman claims hospital abandoned her


Gloria Alcantor turned 53 on Tuesday, but it's another number that has put any celebration she may have had on hold. Alcantor weighs 810 pounds, and because of her weight, she has limited mobility and suffers from a host of medical issues. "I came in because I had a bladder infection, my wounds were infected and I had cellulitis," she said.

Last week, Alcantor was admitted to Washington Hospital in Fremont. But she says after one week, she was discharged with no resources and no one available to provide her with the care she desperately needs.

"I can't be home sitting on this bed literally rotting because I have no one to turn me," she said. "I have bed sores. If I don't get turned every day, my sores get worse."

Video provided by the family shows just how labor intensive it is to move and transport her, a job that requires a team and equipment capable of supporting her weight.

"I'm not any different just because I'm big and I can't walk," said Alcantor. "That doesn't make me less of a person."

Asked why it should be Washington Hospital's responsibility to take care of her if they're not in the weight management business, Alcantor replied, "They have more ability, more than I can ever have to help me."

Washington Hospital provided this statement to ABC7 News: "The patient was discharged after she no longer needed acute care as was discussed with the patient's family. The hospital agreed to supply in-home support care for the patient."

What isn't clear, is what Alcantor can do today. Her family isn't medically trained or able to help, and the clock is ticking.

"I just want somebody to help me," she said. "I want to live a longer life."

The hospital says it will provide Alcantor with in-home support services for 14 days at their expense.

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