Petaluma moms so proud of sons


Manager Eric Smith and his team went through a final practice in Williamsport on Wednesday. This is the first time in more than 60 years a Sonoma County team has made the Little League World Series. ABC7 caught up with some very excited Petaluma moms.

There was a feeling of elation for every family member of team Petaluma when they advanced to the Little League World Series last Saturday.

"It's surreal, it's phenomenal, it's amazing. They are some kind of wonderful…that team," said Jackie O'Hanlon, mother of catcher James O'Hanlon.

The mothers of most of these boys have been driving or carpooling them around for years, getting them to practice games, in and out of town, which makes this trip to Williamsport a bit of a reward.

"Most of these kids have been on the same travel ball team since 8 or 9. So, like we say, we're all kind of on the shirt tails of our kids just kind of enjoying this little fame, so it's kind of cool," said Billie Ann Tomei, mother of third baseman Cole Tomei.

A mothers' connection to their children as athletes is a bit different from their fathers no matter how they perform.

"A mother's love never deviates from that. It's an unconditional thing," said O'Hanlon.

This team has been on the road for almost two weeks.

"As mothers, were having a little separation anxiety. I haven't made a meal for my kid in 13 days," said O'Hanlon.

What a way to end your summer, but wait, school starts next week.

"This is a trip of a lifetime, this is their dream, the schools are working with us. We filled out forms, they're emailing classes, they're OK with the fact they might miss a few days," said O'Hanlon.

I'm sure that will be the case, especially if they come back champions.

"I would imagine, win or lose, they're going to walk out of there feeling like superstars," said Tomei.

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