Armed robbery suspect caught on security camera

Security cameras at the Bonfare Market captured a man walking into the store, standing in line and then pulling out a semi-automatic handgun.

"He was standing in the line like a second customer, as soon as he opened the register he just move aside and pull the gun. Boom," store manager Ashraf Raheel said.

Police believe that because the bandit did not bother to wear a mask or cover his face, drugs, alcohol or both may have played a role.

"Often times unfortunately, individuals that commit these brazen robberies, at times may be under the influence," San Pablo Police Lt. Jeff Palmieri said.

The incident comes on the heels of last week's smash and grab at the H. Bee Jewelry store in the San Pablo Towne Center. Last Thursday, four men, all with guns, entered the jewelry store, smashed multiple display cases, threw the stolen goods into duffle bags and made off with more than $400,000 worth of jewelry and precious stones.

Police say the weapon used last night, which can clearly be seen in the suspect's right hand, is either a 9 mm or .45 caliber weapon. The gunman can be seen taking aim, locking in on the clerk at point-blank range while simultaneously clearing the register of its cash.

No one was hurt in either robbery, but catching the men behind these crimes is a priority because police say their behavior and bold tactics make them extremely dangerous.

"The more brazen the robbery is, I mean this person is not even wearing a mask, the more desperate they may be and, the fact is, we want to keep the public safe," Palmieri said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact West Contra Costa Crime Stoppers tip line at 510-799-8255.

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