Serial bank robber turns himself into police

September 3, 2012 4:56:43 PM PDT
Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing. Case in point -- after a serial bank robber's face was plastered all over the television, his ex-girlfriend recognized the man who police called "Smokey the Bandit," and convinced the robber to turn himself in.

The man tried two police stations. One was locked and no one was around at the other. Finally, success at the county jail, where deputies were happy to oblige, and arrested him.

Authorities say there's a sure-fire was to go about giving yourself up, "The easiest way is to simply pick up the phone, call 911, let the call-taker know who you are, and that you wish to turn yourself in because you are wanted," Dep. Tom Paine with the Pima County Sheriff's Department said.

William Leverett is finally in custody. His bail is set at $50,000.