Ethics Commission OK's Mirkarimi decision


This was expected to be a formality, the Ethics Commission rubber stamping the decision it made last month finding Mirkarimi guilty of official misconduct, then sending their final summary on to the Board of Supervisors. But in another twist in the unprecedented case, Mirkarimi is asking that there be a delay in forwarding the documents to the supervisors.

Because this is an election year for five of the 11 supervisors, Mirkarimi wants a delay until after the November election.

"I mean, the evidence has been overwhelming, just how political this process has become," Mirkarimi said. "And in order to, I think, hope for a fair and just process, they should try to reduce the politics to the best they possibly can."

Mayor Ed Lee says the city charter has no provision to allow for a delay.

"We're just following the charter," he said. "For someone to suggest that, again, there's some conspiracy or it's political, I think we're all following the charter, doing our best to adhere to the requirements of this law that the people voted on."

In arguing for a delay, Mirkarimi points to a poll conducted by anti-domestic violence advocates last month that indicates 51 percent of the San Franciscans surveyed said they would likely vote against a supervisor who supports giving the suspended sheriff his job back.

Supervisors like Eric Mar, who is in a rough reelection campaign, are not talking about the political pressure.

"There's an indepentdent legal council that is our legal council and that's their adive, so I'm sorry I can't speak about that."

Ben Hur, chairman of the Ethics Commission, is expected to decide about the delay. He did not say when he will do so.

Once supervisors get documents, they will have 30 days to make decision. Nine of the 11 supervisors would have to uphold the charges for Mirkarimi to be removed from office.

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