Volunteers search for missing teen Sierra LaMar

September 15, 2012 2:14:38 PM PDT
In Morgan Hill, the search for missing teen Sierra LaMar returned to the water. On Saturday search teams looked through reservoirs that had been explored previously. This weekend marks six months since Sierra was last seen in March on her way to school.

Wednesday's searches were canceled this week, leaving just Saturday as the scheduled search day, "We just needed to maybe go back just a little bit so that we can regroup," search volunteer Cecelia Ponzini said. "I think the mappers want to get at other areas, get maps ready for other areas. And so we'll just do Saturdays for awhile. And then probably go back to Wednesdays, I'm hoping. Many of the searchers want Wednesdays back. They're willing to be here."

Though there's still no sign of Sierra, Antolin Garcia-Torres was arrested in May and charged with her murder based on DNA evidence found in his car.

The missing teen would have turned 16 next month.