Eye doctor offers free Lasik surgery to NFL official


A Wisconsin eye doctor is offering the ref who signaled touchdown free Lasik surgery to improve his vision. Dr. Gerald Clarke says performing the $2,700 procedure at no charge would benefit everyone, "We're afraid he's a hazard to the population. If he gets out there driving with his eyesight the way it is, he can't see anything to the side, he can't see anything straight ahead, I'm afraid he's going to kill somebody, so maybe we can improve all the referees vision this way too."

The Seahawks beat Dr. Clarke's Packers on the game's final play when an official ruled that the Seattle receiver caught the ball in the end zone. Most everyone else saw it differently, believing the Green Bay defensive player caught the ball.

The NFL has locked out its normal officials in a labor dispute, replacing them with high school and lower-division college refs.

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