Frightening letter sent home to parents in Antioch


It happened at Turner Elementary School in Antioch. It was a faculty member who saw several students gathered around the gun hidden in some bushes and that's how it was discovered.

The principal here at Turner Elementary School sent a letter to parents that read: "It was brought to our attention that the student had told other students he had the weapon and was going to bring it to school. He told a few students that he would hurt them if they told anyone. We are not sure how many students knew of this, but it is disturbing that no students reported the threats to staff or to you, their parent."

It turns out the weapon was an airsoft pistol that shoots pellets with compressed air, but Antioch Unified School Superintendent Donald Gill of says it's still a serious offense.

"The problem with airsoft pistols is they are so realistic that they can often be mistaken for a real weapon. And our police authorities don't know the difference sometimes when they see a pistol that is an airsoft and it can cause serious consequences," said Gill.

And that's why the school district says it's dealing with this matter as if it were a real gun. The principal says she gave students a lecture on the difference between snitching and reporting something to help others when someone's safety is threatened. The parents were asked to sign the letters and return them, Wednesday.

The superintendant says the investigation was completed and now they will determine the proper punishment for the student.

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