Dog dies on United flight to SFO

September 29, 2012 12:36:33 PM PDT
A Miami man is furious after his dog died on a cross-country flight.

In August, Michael Jarboe and his dog Bam Bam hopped on a United Airlines flight to San Francisco with a stopover in Houston. United advertises a program that offers personal handling for pets in air-conditioned vehicles during 4-hour layovers.

In Houston, Jarboe had a two-hour layover when he noticed Bam Bam in his crate on a luggage carrier, "It was right under the wing," Jarboe said. "We were right there, had a direct shot, he was so hot. His tongue was hanging down."

Bam Bam died on the flight to SFO. United performed a necropsy and said he died of a heart attack.

Jarboe wants the airline to be clearer about what to expect when people fly with their pets.