Los Altos family has great pumpkin expectations


The Passmooijs have made growing pumpkins a family tradition. For the past five years, they've had a pumpkin patch at their Los Altos home. They even dress up their pet bunny in a pumpkin suit.

The Passmooijs know they won't have the biggest pumpkin at the festival, but they say that's OK.

"We just do it for fun because we know that most of the pumpkins that are the biggest are usually about 1,000 pounds and we don't have a 1,000 pound pumpkin," Mabelle Pasmooij said.

They hope to one day have a pumpkin so big this year they'll need a forklift to get it to the pumpkin festival. The pumpkin weigh-off at Half Moon Bay is Monday morning.

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