Marine accused of killing two friends


Police say Martin Hohenegger walked from his house to the neighbor's across the street and gunned his two friends down in the front yard. While police would not discuss a motive on Thursday, friends and neighbors tell ABC7 News that the men would often argue or debate over such things as sports or politics, but that it didn't seem mean-spirited and certainly wasn't violent until Wednesday night.

Those who knew the two men killed are still trying to figure out what made their neighbor snap and apparently turn so violently on his two friends, "They were great, great friends, and they were amazing men," said family friend Kathy Guziejka. "It's just, something triggered. I'm not sure. We just have no details yet."

Neighbor Louie Hilario adds, "I went outside and talked to my neighbor, asked him what was going on, and I saw two dead bodies in the front yard."

After shooting the two victims, police say Hohenegger went into his house and kept a swat team at bay for 45 minutes before a negotiator talked him out.

Neighbor Jamie Dowd tells ABC7 News that Hohenegger was known to have guns because he's a Marine. Friends say the Vietnam veteran lived alone, after losing his wife in recent years, and hung out with a larger group of people in the neighborhood.

"They were laughing, watching TV, they were really good friends," neighbor Lina Hilario said.

Police are not identifying the two men killed, but those close to them say they were both married and each has a grown daughter. One is a local contractor, the other also a local business and family man.

"We loved him so much," Guziejka said. "And he knew we loved him. We told him all the time how much we loved him and he's really going to be missed by all of us."

The two victims were 50 and 58-years-old. Police are not releasing the names until they are certain all close family members have been notified.

These two deaths mark the 12th and 13th homicide victims in Vallejo this year, according to police.

Anyone with information regarding this case is encouraged to contact Det. Mat Mustard at (707) 651-4514 or the Vallejo police at (800) 488-9383.

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