Woman gets clothes dryer repaired 5 times

One woman told me this story where she received five repairs under her service warranty and she didn't have to pay a dime for any of them. The only problem was her appliance still didn't work.

Josephine Maisterra showed us what happened the day her clothes dryer conked out. She explained when you push the button, nothing happens.

She was left with just big load of soggy clothes and no way to dry them. Luckily, Maisterra had purchased this extended service warranty from Whirlpool.

"A nice young man came out checked everything with his electrical prong and he says, 'Oh, it's the timer,'" said Maisterra.

A technician told Maisterra to order a new timer and he'd come back to install it.

"He came again, well it's defective, the timer's defective," said Maisterra.

So she went through the process all over again. She ordered the part, another technician came out and that guy shook his head.

"He says, 'It's not the timer, it's the door switch,'" said Maisterra.

The technician didn't have a switch for a dryer, but he did have one for a dishwasher. So, he installed that one instead.

"Well that worked for two days and then it quit," said Maisterra.

So another repairman came. He had the most low-tech solution of all.

"He says well do you have any electrical tape. He says the screws come loose," said Maisterra.

The tape didn't help, so the technician said he'd be back in a couple of weeks. Weeks? That was too long.

"At that point my patience was turning into anger," said Maisterra.

It had been eight weeks since her dryer broke. During all that time, Josephine was putting her wet clothes into plastic bags, driving them to her niece's house, and drying them there. She found out wet clothes are very heavy, especially after back surgery.

"I'd just have two towels and just a few things at a time," said Maisterra.

Finally she called her own repair shop and paid for her own repair. Two days later the dryer was working, but she was out $150.

"That's when I went to 7 On Your Side," said Maisterra.

We contacted Whirlpool and it stepped up right away. The company agreed to pay for that repair and refund the cost of her warranty. Within days she received this check for $256.

Whirlpool said: "It is always disheartening when a consumer issue is not able to be solved quickly. In any appliance there can be several components involved with a given function and sometimes it takes more than one attempt to solve an issue."

"I was so surprised and happy and thankful that KGO could help me," said Maisterra.

Maisterra says now that her dryer is working, doing laundry never seemed so easy. We'd like to thank Whirlpool for stepping up to resolve this so quickly.

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