Over one pound of pot found in Hercules teacher's car


Allen Goodman, 66, of Walnut Creek was arrested in the principal's office after police found over a pound of marijuana in his car. Officials say it started when they found a car in the faculty parking lot unlocked and unattended with the engine running. While waiting for dispatch to identify the registered owner, the officer checked the glove compartment, looking for anything that might identify the owner of the vehicle.

In doing so, the officer found a sandwich bag containing marijuana, a second bag containing four rolls of cash amounting to $4,200, and a large plastic bag in the trunk filled with a substantial amount of marijuana. Police say there was over one pound of pot in the car.

Detectives are looking at the possibility that the teacher was selling pot to his students.

"The amount of marijuana plus all of the money and the baggies and so forth in the car and cash indicated he might well be selling marijuana," said Hercules Police Det. Connie Van Putten.

Goodman is being charged with possession of marijuana, possession of marijuana on school grounds, and possession of marijuana with intent to sell.

When asked if he has any evidence that he was selling it to the kids, Putten said, "We are still investigating that at this time."

He's a math and computer skills teacher at the middle school which shares a campus with the high school.

"I don't know about the middle school students. This is a joint high school too, so maybe the high school students. I'm hoping he's not, but you never know," said Juan Danganan, the brother of a student.

Police also searched Goodman's home in Walnut Creek and found a large amount of cash, more marijuana, and evidence that he was growing it in his home. Now police want to know if he's been selling it to students.

After his arrest Goodman was transported to the Martinez Detention Facility.

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