PG&E crews from CA helping with Superstorm Sandy


October 30, 2012 6:12:51 PM PDT
Downed power lines are a major problem in the wake of Superstorm Sandy. As of Tuesday evening, 8.2 million households were without power in 17 states as far west as Michigan. PG&E crews are heading to the East Coast to help turn the power back on in areas hit hard by the storm.

Most of the PG&E crew had packed up their gear, loaded up their trucks, and head out on the road for New York. The rest, about 150 employees, boarded a 737 at Mathers Field in Sacramento Tuesday. They're going to New York to get the city up and running again. Bucket trucks will assess damage. Digger derricks will dig holes.

"We're happy to send our experienced crews out there to restore those customers as quickly and safely as is possible to do so," PG&E spokesperson Randi Ehlers said. "We've got 150 employees going from across our service territory of Northern and Southern California. That's truly designed so that we can still maintain safe, reliable, and affordable operations here in California while we're helping our utility on the East Coast."

Most of the PG&E teams have helped other utilities before. They planned to arrive in White Plains, New York by midnight and hit the ground running by morning, relieving some of the teams that are already working around the clock.