Family donates wheelchair to woman hit by car


The Smith family had a motorized wheelchair in storage for a few years, but it's the first thing the family thought of when they saw a story on ABC7 News about what happened to Stephanie Hill.

"Why don't we give her the chair we have? I was like, we're not using it," said Leslie Smith.

The chair used to belong to Leslie and Edward's father - he passed away four years ago.

"We feel his spirit with us right now and on his behalf we'd like to give you the wheel chair," said Edward.

It might come in handy for getting around the house. Right now Stephanie is using a borrowed chair - because of course hers is still sitting in her living room. It was pretty badly damaged when she was hit by a woman driving a black car at a McDonald's in Belmont. She says the woman did stop and even returned a cell phone she knocked off her chair during the collision, but then the woman took off.

Police have not mentioned any new leads in this case. But we noticed there is a surveillance camera at the McDonald's drive-through. Stephanie says she's happy that people like the Smiths are offering to help.

"Sometimes people like to help," said Stephanie.

But she's hoping her souped up wheel chair can get fixed - and the company who will do it - is coming by Monday to see how much work it needs and tracking down the woman who ran into her would be a big help.

"Cause they say she should pay for it," said Stephanie.

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