Chilly weather moves into the Bay Area

NAPA, Calif.

In downtown Napa, the weekend was ushered in by frosty temperatures hovering near freezing, "It's freezing," said Napa resident Nani Daniels. "This is the coldest it's been this year. I mean two, three days ago it was 80 degrees. So this is biting cold."

A mere 36 degrees didn't stop Denver resident Jenny Hopkins from going on her morning run. Or others from going on their morning coffee run, "It's not very cold this morning," Hopkins said. "It's a beautiful morning, actually."

Danville resident Tom Tighe added, "This is gorgeous. It's wonderful and beautiful, and the sun is gonna be up today. We thought it was gonna rain, so we're excited about the day."

On this quiet morning at Truchard Vineyards, the frost was no cause for concern. Instead, it's a welcome sign of the seasons changing, "The cold just makes the leaves drop off the vines and tells the vines to go to sleep, and that's what they need to do," said Truchard Vineyards winemaker Sal Deianni. "They worked hard this year. We had good grapes and a good crop, and now it's time to rest. That's what this will start."

So while the near-freezing temperatures early Saturday morning turned into a beautiful day here in Napa, it wasn't the same elsewhere in the Bay. In the Oakland Hills, residents saw hail, and in Palo Alto, some residents were in for a rude awakening. The frigid, 35 degree overnight temperature is to blame for a water main break on Newell Road. It soaked the streets and left nearby residents without water for the majority of the day.

On Saturday night temperatures are expected to once again drop back into the icy 30's.

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