What to do if a pipe breaks near your house


The first place that victims often turn to in times of disaster is their insurance company.

"I plan to call my insurance, maybe, if there's any damage; I think they're going to cover it because it's full coverage," Daly City resident Emanuel Sart said.

Victims can also file a claim with the city of Daly City. Claim forms are available at City Hall in the city clerk's office. Each claim will be reviewed by the city's risk manager and outside claim adjuster.

It's also important to know that your auto insurance won't cover damage from the pipe break unless you purchased comprehensive coverage.

A representative from an insurance industry trade group says not all California drivers carry comprehensive coverage.

"If you own your car outright however, you may not have that comprehensive coverage, so it's good to call your insurer to make sure of what you have," Insurance Information Network spokesperson Tully Lehman said.

Comprehensive coverage is not mandatory in California unless you have an outstanding loan on your car. So if something like that happens to you, check your insurance policy -- simple liability or collision coverage are not enough.

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