Family pleads for stolen puppy's safe return


Thieves broke into the Montgomery Edson home on Monday by going through the back gate. They ransacked the home and stole more than $10,000 in computers, televisions and jewelry, but all that the family cares about is that Gus, their 11-week-old German short-haired pointer mix, is gone.

"'Who would do this,' I said to the police, 'Would take an 11-week-old puppy from a family,'" Nena Montgomery said. "Why, why would they do this?"

The tears and frustration go beyond the obvious; the thieves had no way of knowing the puppy is bonding with the family's 20-year-old special needs daughter, Kate.

"She really loved Gus, and was saying his name, which was a big deal for her because she can't speak that well, but she would call him, 'Gus,Gus,'" Michael Edson said.

Redwood City police are now investigating the crime.

"We're taking this very seriously, assuming someone saw him thought he was valuable to resell or to keep as a pet for their own," Redwood City Police Detective Josh Chilton said.

The family is offering a reward and they are posting flyers and turning to social media for help.

"I've had friends all over the country talk to their friends who live in the Bay Area for thank God for Facebook," Kate's sister, Christina Murdock, said.

So far though, Gus is still missing. The family had hoped to eventually train him to alert caregivers when Kate is on the verge of a seizure. They already know his temperament is a perfect companion for their daughter.

"Please don't hurt him and please take care of him and please bring him back," Nena Montgomery said.

The amount of the reward has not been determined.

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