Teen performs live-saving CPR thanks to school program


Seventeen-year-old Lindsay Dolan never thought she would save a life, certainly not her own mother's. But she did last Sunday by using CPR, which she learned at Fremont High School three years ago.

Her family was at home, watching the 49ers game, when Lori Dolan suffered a cardiac arrest. Lindsay immediately began mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest impressions. She was helped by a neighbor Joey Gonzales, who also performed his first CPR.

Doctors credit Lindsay with not only saving her mom's life, but her functionality as well, by feeding oxygen to her brain as they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Her mother calls Lindsay her angel.

"I still can't believe what she did; thank god, she was home," Lori Dolan said.

Fremont High School started the CPR classes in 2008 as required learning for all freshmen. It was funded with a two-year grant from a local foundation. Each student received a kit with a practice mannequin and a 20 minute DVD.

Sunnyvale Public Safety Department Deputy Chief Steve Drewniany conceived the project.

"We taught 1,000 kids in 2008 and 700 approximately in 2009," he said.

Lindsay took the class in 2009 as a freshman. Her mom never knew her daughter could do CPR.

Today, with her mom now resting at home, Lindsay showed her for the first time the CPR kit which she kept in her room for the past three years.

When ABC7 News reported on the story in 2008, then Drewniany said, "You're doing something here today that may not be tomorrow, but sometime in your life will provide you in opportunity to save someone's life."

That prediction came true.

For Lindsay, her grade on the CPR class was not pass or fail, it was life or death -- the test of a true hero.

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