Jewelry store owner shoots at robbers in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif.

There was a brazen move by two would-be armed robbers, an even more brazen move by an armed jewelry store owner on Story and King roads. It was a stand-off that could have easily ended in tragedy, but didn't.

"They pointed guns and made demands for some items within the store," said San Jose Police spokesperson Albert Morales.

Police are looking for the two gunmen who entered the small store and pounded on the counter, expecting to make off with watches and jewelry. Instead of getting away, the robbers found a pistol leveled at them, instead. The store owner, reportedly a woman, shot at least one time, and while she didn't hit anyone, the suspects ran outside to make their escape in a waiting SUV.

Police admit she had a Constitutional right to protect her property, but wish she had held back instead if of firing.

"We don't recommend it. We would have preferred that they just go ahead and comply with the request or demands of the robbers. Again they were after material items that could be replaced and again our biggest fear is that somebody would have gotten hurt, injured and possibly even died," said Morales.

The store owners chose to not talk about this on camera and want to keep a low profile. But they did tell me that they have video surveillance inside the store and that it captured everything.

The police now indicate that they now have those videos and they're hoping to identify the suspects and make an arrest.

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