Boy gets big surprise after writing Lego

December 3, 2012 12:00:00 AM PST
James Groccia, 10, of Connecticut, lives with a developmental disorder. For two years, the boy saved every penny he had until he had the $100 he needed to buy a Lego train set. Playing with Legos helps with the boy's social skills.

Unfortunately, by the time he saved enough money, Lego had discontinued making that set.

So the boy wrote a letter to Lego which his father posted on YouTube asking if Lego could help him find a set. Lego wrote back apologizing, but restated that the train was no longer being made. But several days later a box arrived at his door from Lego. With a hidden camera, his parents recorded the whole thing.

"I finally have it! I finally have it!" said

Lego sent him a set along with a letter thanking James for his loyalty to the company. The boy is convinced Lego is the best company in the world.