Detroit mayor in SF, makes good on World Series bet


Detroit's mayor and first lady Dave and Yvette Bing arrived at San Francisco City Hall Monday morning ready for him to make good on his losing bet.

"As a former athlete, I respect what happened; I didn't like it from Detroit's vantage point, but the Giants played a wonderful series," Mayor Dave Bing said.

Bing thought Motown would deliver a smack down to the San Francisco Giants, but it's Mayor Ed Lee who has bragging rights. Lee played host, showing his Detroit counterpart Twitter's new headquarters and rooftop garden South of Market. The tech firm also has offices in the Motor City.

Bing, a former all-star player for the Detroit Pistons and basketball hall of famer, settled the bet by talking to a group of Junior Giants about using sports to develop their lives.

"It teaches you to compete but at the same time it teaches you how to get along with people and the roles you have to play in life to be successful," Bing said.

And as he smiled through the pain of chanting the rival's slogan, a Junior Giant offered big word of encouragement.

"I said, 'Sorry for beating you team, we're just a good team, we outplayed them," Junior Giant Frank Lucey said.

If the Giants had lost, Lee would have gone to Detroit to inspire kids in the Police Activities League and touring an automotive plant.

Both mayors also have mustaches and although some wanted the loser to shave, neither agreed to that deal.

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