Exclusive Live Doppler 7 HD tracks storm systems

Live Doppler 7 HD is farther west than any other Doppler radar in the Bay Area. The National Weather Service's Doppler is more than 100 miles south in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Together we track the storms as they move through the Bay Area.

When rain is approaching, ABC7 knows who will be impacted first. Live Doppler 7 HD is so powerful it can scan hundreds of miles in seconds and pick up even a trace of precipitation in your neighborhood.

The National Weather Service predicts a drier and warmer than average winter in Northern California because of a wavering El Nino. That's when the temperature of the Pacific Ocean near the equator rises slightly for a three-month period; the warmer the water at the equator, the higher the chance of rain here in the Bay Area.

As Live Doppler 7 HD tracks rain in the Bay Area, we are able to show you how it turns to snow in the Sierra. Conditions for skiers have been great for this time of the year -- some Tahoe ski resorts opened last month and have already seen more than three feet of snow at the highest elevations.

Regardless of where you live, when severe weather threatens your neighborhood, Live Doppler 7 HD is your best source on-air, online, and on your mobile device. The Bay Area's most experienced weather team uses the power of Live Doppler 7 HD to keep you safe.

Written and produced by Ken Miguel

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