Logistics of feeding Raiders fans at the Coliseum


"For every football game we pop about 400 pounds of popcorn," said Kate Girotti of O.co Coliseum.

That's enough popcorn to completely cover the entire football field with about an inch of popcorn.

Popcorn isn't the only munchie being eaten - the stadium sells 11,500 hotdogs every game, that's so many hotdogs - that if you lined them end to end they would stretch a mile.

But hotdogs aren't the biggest seller at the Coliseum - it is nachos. Over the season -- they will make 18,500 pounds of nachos; that's more than 18 tons of chips - jalapenos and hot cheese.

Of course all that stadium goodness needs to be washed down with something.

"Guests go through three-thousand-plus gallons of soda here," said Girotti.

Over the regular playing season, that's enough soda to fill a good sized swimming pool.

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