Woman gets airline to cover expeses for lost luggage

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Sandy Weiner travels widely and always takes a carry-on with the must have items. But earlier this year on a trip to Italy, things got off to a rocky start for Sandy and her husband.

"We were told when we first got on the plane, before we got on the plane, that the overhead bins were full and we must check our carry-ons, which is what we did," she said. "We got to Rome and it wasn't there."

They took in the sights and sounds of Italy, all without their underwear, so of course they bought new and when their luggage finally arrived they went to pick it up.

"We had to go to Naples to pick it up, that was probably an hour's ride on a bus from San Agnello to Naples and then we had to take a cab from the airport in Naples to the train station where we were going to Rome," Sandy said.

These things happen, so Sandy put in a claim for her costs.

"Underwear, pajamas, a sweater, a jacket, a bus ticket from San Agnello to the airport and then cab fare to the train station," she said.

In all, she billed the airline less than $70.

"It didn't come and didn't come so finally I decided 7 On Your Side is going to be my way of getting money back," Sandy said. "So I did contact 7 On Your Side and I was called back and they contacted the airlines and five months later I got my check."

7 On Your Side was happy to make contact and Sandy was happy to have her money. She says it wasn't all that much; still she had a rightful claim.

"It wasn't that much but it was the principal of it," she said.

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