Teens arrested over pipe bomb explosion


Mangled remnants of what used to be a metal mailbox sit in the front yard of a Pleasant Hill home the morning after police say teenagers put a pipe bomb inside of it.

The explosion rocked the quiet neighborhood just before 10 p.m. Friday.

"An explosion just shook the windows," neighbor Jim Seibert said. "Woke me up.

Neighbor Jen Smith adds, "It's crazy times, you know. We're just really surprised how things happen like that."

The resident of the home didn't want to give us her name. When we caught up with her, she was in a hurry and hesitant to talk to us.

Kira: "You said police came really fast and did a good job?"
Resident: "Yes, they did. They caught them last night."
Kira: "That must have been so scary."
Resident: "Yeah, it was, but I have very good neighbors."

Witnesses saw a red SUV leave their neighborhood right after the explosion. That tip helped authorities track down the SUV to a parking lot at College Park High School.

Police say they don't believe the high school was the teens' target, just their meeting place. But inside their SUV, police found a second pipe bomb.

"Walnut Creek Police Bomb Squad came out and rendered the pipe bomb safe and three juveniles were taken into custody as a result of the investigation," Cpl. Steve Dexheimer said.

In total, five teens were in the SUV.

Two were arrested and then released to their parents. A third was arrested on unrelated charges.

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