Berkeley man run over by burglars


The man had his leg run over by a car so it's a pretty bad injury. The burglars are also still on the loose, after shaking up a neighborhood and police believe they may be responsible for more.

"He was just yelling, 'Wait, don't do that!' Just yelling very loudly at the top of his lungs," said neighbor Kalena Gregory.

Shortly after 3 p.m. several Berkeley Hills residents ran out to find their neighbor, Steve Hill, lying in the street just off of Grizzly Peak Boulevard.

"He was in agony, just screaming and in pain," described one neighbor.

Badly injured, Hill called 911 and told police he came home after walking his dog and surprised three burglars inside house.

"One guy was definitely wearing a red cap," said Hill.

When police arrived on scene, Hill told them one of the suspects punched him in the face as they ran for their vehicle.

"They hit me when they were backing out, and when they pulled forward they ran over my leg," said Hill.

Hill's neighbor said she saw a female driver and a male passenger took off in a white, new model, Cadillac Eldorado leaving the second man behind. She said, "He was yelling 'Wait, wait!' And he jumped into the car and they took off."

Somehow Hill managed to get a partial license plate number.

"Last three digits were definitely 988, and the first were something like 6HR," said Hill.

Hill runs a cycling website called and he and spends a lot of time working at home, as do several other neighbors here. Still, police say burglars managed to break into two other homes on the same block in the past two weeks. In all three cases, the back doors were kicked in.

"This is particularly scary to me and they did it in broad daylight when people are home," said neighbor Eileen Kelly.

Residents say they have a Neighborhood Watch meeting with police each year, but after this, they think they'll need to pay closer attention to each other and their surrounding area.

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