Rod Streater emerges as unlikely rising star


"Streater, really in the last couple of games has made some big plays for us," said head coach Dennis Allen.

Streater has emerged as an unlikely rising star with four catches for 100 yards against Denver and three receptions for 96 against Cleveland, the undrafted rookie has become Carson Palmer's favorite deep threat.

"It is a crazy feeling you know. I thought football was over for me and I was just looking at getting a job and then you come here and the game is on your hands. It's a lot of pressure, but then again it's not. It's what you prepare for," said Streater.

Only six months ago Streater was preparing for life after football. A lackluster senior season produced only 19 receptions.

Reporter: Did you get a 100-yard game at Temple last year?
Streater: No. I barely broke 80.
Reporter: Did you have a 100-yard year at Temple?
Streater: No, that's what you should of asked.

Fortunately for Streater, the football gods were smiling down on him. On a whim he was able to spark interest from the Raiders.

"I just gave it a shot, you know, might as well work out. I like to work out and had a good pro day and things just turned around from there, so, kind of glad I gave it a shot," said Streater.

And so is Oakland.

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