App lets you personalize videos as you record them


Jollyfy is a way to jazz up your videos without spending hours in a dark room. The app allows users to add themes to their videos as they record them.

It's "an app to make people smile, to make them happy," said Kris Ramanathan, CEO of netomat, the company that makes the app.

Jollyfy has all sorts of themes, including karaoke, holiday and sports-related themes. "And most importantly, you can make your own themes," Ramanathan said.

Other apps, like Apple's iMovie, have themes for videos, but the whole point of Jollyfy is that you apply the theme while you're shooting, instead of spending time messing around with the video afterwards.

The theme appears right in the viewfinder. "You don't have to do any post production," Ramanathan said. "You record the video, you share it, you're done."

Jollyfy lets you share straight to Facebook and is always adding new themes -- and right now, they're all free, just like the app itself.

You can build simple themes right on your phone or more elaborate ones on your desktop computer. For instance, one company created a theme for doctors to capture the moment when an ear surgery patient can hear again.

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