Car crashes into funeral home in Concord


Workers are busy boarding up the building that was damaged when a car slammed into it. The crash happened at the Oimet Brothers Concord Funeral Chapel on Clayton Road Sunday afternoon.

Dozens of people were inside the building when the car came crashing through, however they were not injured.

The driver and his passenger, however, were seriously hurt. Concord police say the two are teenagers and it appears they were racing with another car on Clayton Road when they lost control.

We spoke to funeral director Ed Wyrabkiewicz who was inside when it happened. He says he was only a few feet away when the car came through, "We were about to start a celebration of life for one of our clients when all of a sudden we heard a loud rumbling sound, almost like an earthquake. Luckily the priest had ushered everybody into the chapel, no one was in the lobby, and the car came crashing through the lobby, feet away from the two people working with me."

Lt. Tim Runyon adds, "Preliminary reports from witnesses say that there were two cars involved, possibly in a speed contest or race down Clayton Road with one losing control and ending up in the building behind me."

The teenage driver and passenger were taken to the hospital. Both are said to be in serious but stable condition.

An elderly man who got a few scrapes from flying debris was also taken to the hospital, but his injuries are said to be minor.

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