Oakland police seek gunman who killed teenage girl


Gunshots took the life of 15-year old Jubrille Alexandra Jordan. She was killed Sunday afternoon while walking with her sister and friends near the Lion Creek Crossing Apartment complex in East Oakland.

Chief Howard Jordan says this case hits particularly close to home because the victim is only a year older than his own daughter. He says the department is using every available resource to find the shooter and anyone else connected to the crime.

"She's a good girl," said the victim's mother, Belinda McLaughlin. "She's a sweetheart."

The 15-year old was shot and killed in East Oakland Sunday, making her the 12th Oakland teen to die as a result of gun violence this year

"They say he just came out of nowhere," McLaughlin said. "They say he was trying to shoot somebody else and she was there."

The victim's mother says Jubrille was walking from the apartment complex to BART with her older sister and two other girls. She says they were caught in the crossfire of shots being exchanged between two boys. Before Jubrille could get out of the way, at least one bullet struck her in the head.

"My daughter says she tried to grab her and she said Jubrille just went down," McLaughlin said

In a photo taken by an eyewitness, Jubrille is seen on her back with three other women nearby. One is seen holding a child while another is pushing a stroller and using her cell phone. The third, Jubrille's older sister, is shown leaning over the teen, who was motionless.

Oakland police and emergency personnel arrived minutes after Jubrille was gunned down.

"People walking down the street shooting people and all that is ridiculous," McLaughlin said. "I have had a bullet in my house."

ABC7 News spoke with McLaughlin in September. A gunfight a block away left her home riddled with bullets. The shots fired narrowly missed her and Jubrille, but one bullet went through her bedroom wall. Three months later, gun violence would find Jubrille.

"Having to watch 12 young people get murdered this year is disheartening, discouraging and embarrassing to this city and myself," Chief Jordan said.

On Monday, investigators talked to witnesses and used surveillance video to piece together what happened and find those responsible.

Chief Jordan went on to say that and his department are committed to making the streets of Oakland safe for the community, especially its young people.

He also sent out a warning, saying that celebratory gunfire on New Year's Eve would not be tolerated.

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