2 dead, 1 injured after SF Mission District accident

January 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
San Francisco police are investigating a tragic series of incidents that started with a report of gunfire and a high speed getaway that ended with the deaths of two innocent people.

Police responded to the gunfire report in the Mission District Tuesday morning. The deadly car crash happened a few blocks away on South Van Ness at 21st Street, shortly after 8 a.m. Police had stopped the driver of one of the cars and when officers got out they say the driver bolted and within a few seconds two people were dead.

You can see on surveillance video from inside a convenience store in the Mission District one of the employees moves away from the door moments before a white car slams into the building, narrowly missing him. The car with two people inside had just been broadsided by a black Chevy. The driver of that Chevy was running away from police.

Police Chief Greg Suhr told reporters officers had stopped the driver several blocks away because they suspected he had fired some shots earlier inside a public housing complex near 15th and Valencia.

"As officers approached the vehicle, the vehicle took off at a high rate speed and ran through the next two intersections," said Suhr.

That's when the black Chevy hit the white Toyota at the intersection of 21st and South Van Ness. The passenger was identified by her brother-in-law as 29-year-old Sylvia Tuncun.

Jose Lopez says Tuncun and the driver were coming back from a party. The driver, her nephew, was sent to the hospital. He's in critical condition. The owner of the store arrived shortly after the accident.

"The driver I think that he was in his 20s, he was kind of in shock, he couldn't talk, they pulled him out," said Eyad Ibrahim, the store owner.

A third victim, a pedestrian was also hit by the white car and killed. The San Francisco Medical Examiner has identified the pedestrian killed as Francisco Gutierrez, 26, of San Francisco.

"As the vehicle was thrown against the store, there was also a mid 20-year-old male pedestrian walking into the store, he was also pronounced dead at the scene," said Suhr.

Police found a gun inside the suspect's car and the gang task force was called in. The suspect is recovering at San Francisco General and will be charged for the death of the two victims and passion of a firearm.

There is dramatic new video of the scene after of the crash and the driver's arrest. You can watch the video here.